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Sunday, again!

It’s been an entire week since I’ve posted! The music festival is a week past. The presentation on self-publishing by my publisher/friend Patricia was well-attended and has elicited many questions about all aspects of creation of a book. I see her sitting in deep conversation at outdoor tables scattered about Alamos.

Today is the last of the silver festival. A few days ago I joined a busload of locals on a tour to the new silver mine, and have admired many original pieces of silver jewelry displayed at the Hacienda de los Santos. Next week is the Comadre Luncheon and Fashion Show, for which I’ve volunteered to make a centerpiece. I have a house guest and visitors and friends and parties and lunches and walks and involvemnts.

I enjoy all the guests, Maggie here at the house with me, Patricia and her friend Sally staying in a casita about half a mile away. I’m pleased to introuduce them to local friends, favorite sihts and restaurants, customs and stories. And speaking of stories, The Tuesday afternoon Winter Writers Group is well attended…. about 12 of us last week, and some more who intend to come this week. This morning, after shopping at the tianguis, a friend came to talk about his housemate’s tales of life on the high seas and wondered how to encourage him to put his  stories into a book. I invited them to attend the Writers Group meeting in a couple of weeks to read a story for our comments, a sort of “test the market” opportunity.

Without even trying, I’ve sold four books. I brouht only five!

And I’ve figured out why I’m tired. It’s all the energy, the stimulation, the currents of excitement and enthusiasm, the new ideas and possibilities. Not just mine. Everyone’s! In this community of creativity, everyone has a new and exciting idea. Every day!

I must pull in a bit, retreat a little, visit the well to replenish myself. Say whoa! That’s what I’m doing this afternoon; lying low, reading the book I brought, and getting back to the blog.


At four o’clock Patricia and Sally will come by and we’ll walk down to Kelley and Penny Crossman’s sweet house just steps above the arroyo to get a 2010 Directory for Patricia. Then we’ll all go on to the five o’clock documentry about children who live in the Tijuana dump. Louise will bring popcorn and sodas to sell to support the scholarship fund for local children. And THEN we’ll have dinner at the Sunday night taco stnd on the plaza in front of the church.

It’s a grand life…… if you don’t weaken!

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