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Lost Momentum Found

Yippee! Posting the blog worked! Onward!

I feel resuscitated…. not from mouth to mouth, but as though I’ve received a couple of good pushes to the diaphragm. I can breathe! Next I’ll learn how to post photos and new notes on the side-bar. 

I need also to learn how to market my memoir of the Great Peace March in which no fewer than 400 of us walked from Los Angeles via Manhattan to Washington, DC in 1986. People who have read it report that they couldn’t put it down, that they are inspired to see our country, maybe not from on foot, but with closer attention to our history and our people. They say that although they won’t be walking 3,700 miles for Global Nuclear Disarmament, they will join in that cause right at home. These comments encourage me to promote Walking for Our Lives.  

I wish I knew how. It’s on Amazon. Several times a week I send signed copies to those who order. I enjoy the book talks I give for book clubs, women’s clubs, Rotary clubs, AAUW, church groups, and those audiences buy. But that’s not enough. I sent in inquiry to Robert Redford, hoping he’d make a movie of it, but the reply said they “for legal reasons cannot accept unsolicited material.” What does THAT mean? 

Here I am, having celebrated my 86th birthday in September, needing to learn so much

Any ideas? I’m on a roll here, gathering momentum, as I post for the second time in my life, the blog!


Walking – Literally! – For Our Lives

Last evening my friend Marilynn called to say she wanted to buy several copies of Walking for Our Lives and asked where they are available. I told her that Book Shop Santa Cruz, Capitola Book Café, and the Craft Galleria in Capitola carry copies. Otherwise, she could buy them from Amazon, from my website, or directly from me… out of the back of the car.

My question to her was, “Why do you want several copies?” (more…)

What I’ve Done in 84 Years

Today is my birthday! My 84th.

I woke up early, excited, like a little kid, to a damp foggy morning that I know will turn into bright sunshine around noon. I sat up in bed, swung my legs over the edge, gave myself a hug, and sang out, “Happy Birthday to me.” I stood up, did a couple of shoulder rolls, a few twists, flung my arms over my head, bent down to touch my toes. Those same toes that 84 years ago, after he had examined my chubby pink feet bent up to almost touch my shins, caused the delivering doctor to say, “This child will never walk.” And my mother retorted, “You wanta bet?” She took me home, held me on her lap and for 15 months massaged my feet into place. (more…)

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