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My Theatrical Debut

            During the 1987 Soviet-American Peace Walk from Leningrad to Moscow, 430 walkers,  from USSR and USA, met hundreds of thousands of Russians along the way. It was an important event in our countries’ histories, a serious endeavor – but also one filled with excitement, laughter, and love. One evening in a small town along our route, we performend a stage play. Here’s an excerpt from my upcoming memoir Walking for Our Lives, in which I describe this experience:

I was on stage, in a play. As a senior in high school, I had a walk-on part as a Native American boy, dressed in fringed “deer skin,” with my hair in long braids. I walked on, held up my hand in greeting, said, “Ho!” and stood in the last row with the other tall students. Usually, when a play was produced in school, I was a stage manager, the prompter, someone behind the scenes, too self-conscious to be in front of an audience. (more…)

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