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Bookshop Santa Cruz: Let Me Tell You a Story…

Don’t you love it when dreams come true! One of mine did a couple weeks ago when I spoke at Bookshop Santa Cruz, our local (successful!) independent book store. I had wanted to speak there since last fall,when I spoke at Capitola Book Café. Many friends came to that presentation, just after Walking for our Lives was released in September and the book club members had occupied the entire front row. I had wandered among the gathering, happily greeting friends as I would have for a party in my home.  They listened attentively, faces bright, nodding occasionally, and clapping enthusiastically.

So, when I was to speak at Bookshop Santa Cruz, I didn’t send email announcements to friends. But one friend said to me: “I didn’t get an announcement about your gig at Bookshop Santa Cruz!” (more…)

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