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How Dancing Just Might Bring Peace to the World

A young man with an idea, Matt Harding dances with groups of randomly assembled people all over the world. It isn’t expert dancing, just for fun.

One man (and his camera crew) traveling to every corner of the world, just dancing. He doesn’t try to change anyone nor anyone’s politics, but dances with respect, coordination, cooperation, soul,  humanity and willingness.  One person, making a difference. Matt is showing us peace at its best. (more…)

Michael Hemp Interview

On Thursday, October 25, from 7-8pm PT, Michael Hemp will interview me at the Wave Street Studios, being broadcast live.

Last week, I met him at a coffee shop in Carmel Valley so we could talk about the high points we want to cover. I’ll talk a bit about my background, and then about the three peace walks. Finally, I’ll discuss how I came to write books at the age of eighty, and what has thus happened in my new adventurous life as an author.

My friend and tent-mate during the 1987 walk in Russia, Jacquelyn, will also be on the show! I think between the two of us, we could reminisce for several hours, but we’ll limit it to one hour. Will you join us?

To order your copy of Walking for our Lives, please visit my website:

The Ties That Bind

My tall, slender, beautiful, nineteen-year-old granddaughter with long, silky sunshine hair called on Friday to ask, “Would it be alright if I came to see you tomorrow night?” She is in her sophomore year at school in San Luis Obispo, about two and a half hours south of my cottage on the coast of California.

She arrived Saturday and we immediately brewed tea and began a twenty-eight hour chat, with silence only for sleep. She had come “just to hang out with you, Gran, because I want to tell you about my spring quarter in Thailand.” She glowed with excitement as she told me about the eight-week long trip with 27 other students.

She fingered a tea bag and said, “I love Yogi tea because they have all these nice little sayings on the tags. I got my blog motto from one.”

I was reminded of a chapter I had just written for my book about an experience in Leningrad in 1987.

“My friend Jackie wanted to meet a young Russian rock musician named Sieva who had visited her in Carmel several years ago. ‘Come,’ he said. ‘Come with me. My mother wants to meet you. I will take you to her. In our home. She is waiting for you. I hope you don’t mind.” His English was very clear and had a bit of a British accent.

……While Sieva put water for tea on the stove in the small kitchen, I looked around the living room. Classics – Pushkin, Shakespeare, Mark Twain – filled the book shelves that lined the living room. Also on the shelves, dozens of Celestial Seasonings Tea boxes! Empty.

“What are the tea boxes for?” I asked.

“Oh,” Sieva smiled. “When I was in Carmel visiting Jackie, she gave me boxes of tea to bring back to my mother. There are sayings on the boxes and I learned to read them. Such lovely English phrases. And I listen to BBC (British Broadcasting Company). I practiced until now I can understand and speak English pretty well. Don’t you think so?”

Reading that story to my granddaughter, I thought of all the warm comfort she and I were sharing as we sat together talking about Thailand and tea. Small threads like this pull our lives – and our stories – together.  What threads weave together your experiences? Which ones tie your stories together?

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