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Two Book Events in Alamos

Three months have passed since I last wrote a blog. Looking back, I think that life was too full of living to allow time for writing. Several book talks, a trip to San Antonio, the holidays, family…On New Year’s Day, I promised myself I’d write a blog at least twice a month. Then, January passed and I still hadn’t written anything. I arrived in Alamos, Sonora, Mexico, and life is slower here.

There is more time to lie on a chaise longue in the portal to read. More time to gaze off toward the mountains. Rather than writing, though, I am promoting the book of stories by the gringas of Alamos. The final title is Our Stories of Alamos, A Pueblo Magico! , available on

The plan was hatched two years ago when five of us women were having lunch at Terisita’s Bistro and Patricia Hamilton declared, “The women of Alamos are fabulous! We ought to write a book! I’ll publish it.” We all agreed and that was that. Within weeks, we dispersed to our other homes rather far away. (more…)

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