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A Taste of Wave Street

I was fortunate to be interviewed several weeks ago by Michael Hemp in Monterey, California, for Wave Street Studios’ authors series.  For an hour we discussed my three books, written since reaching the age of 80, and my life as a member of the Great Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament.

My current passion is encouraging others to write their stories. We each have stories to tell that inform readers of our personal lives as well as the historic times in which we grew up and became who we are today. Often daunted by all that we want to say, writing becomes overwhelming and we want to quit before we start. (more…)

Michael Hemp Interview

On Thursday, October 25, from 7-8pm PT, Michael Hemp will interview me at the Wave Street Studios, being broadcast live.

Last week, I met him at a coffee shop in Carmel Valley so we could talk about the high points we want to cover. I’ll talk a bit about my background, and then about the three peace walks. Finally, I’ll discuss how I came to write books at the age of eighty, and what has thus happened in my new adventurous life as an author.

My friend and tent-mate during the 1987 walk in Russia, Jacquelyn, will also be on the show! I think between the two of us, we could reminisce for several hours, but we’ll limit it to one hour. Will you join us?

To order your copy of Walking for our Lives, please visit my website:

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