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Go Lay an Egg!

I feel like a voice out of the past…. Or maybe a voice with a past.

My concern is about proper grammar. Some usage is so wrong and so in use that I fuss that it will be accepted as correct. Recently a bright, young, sophisticated, university graduate emailed me that on Saturday she will lay on the beach. I immediately had a vision of turtles laying eggs in the sand. My mother used to ask, “Will you please lay out the dinner napkins, Donna?” You see, lay is a transitive verb, meaning someone or something will put something somewhere. I guess if you are going to lay your body on the beach, that could make sense, but I see you taking your body out of a bag and patting it into  place above the tide-line.  It is easier and more direct to lay the towel on the beach and lie down. Of course, if you are talking about last Saturday, then you lay on the beach. Past tense. See the difference? (more…)

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