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The Blog Blues

I haven’t written a blog since July when friends and family gathered for the unveiling of the Little Library on Labyrinth Square. That was a celebration of the small (about 12″ x  22″ x24″) free library installed on the picket fence at the edge of the labyrinth. That was the last blog my granddaughter publicist posted before her career demanded more of her time.

Then the summer doldrums hit. Or maybe it was discouragement with the technology of the computer world. I attended three separate classes to learn computer skills, but every time they taught PC and not Mac. And the l8-year-old gentlemanly genius who came a couple of times to sort out my dilemma ran out of time. However! Good news! This morning a friend showed me a simple way to write and post a blog. So I am. Right now, to practice what she showed me.

Let’s see if this works!

What do YOU do when you are faced with ignorance? Isn’t it depressing? I imagine that people new in this country must feel as I do when faced with not understanding the system.

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