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Judging a Book by Its Cover

Now that the manuscript for Walking For Our Lives is in the hands of an editor, I can focus on the creation of the cover. As I mentioned in February, an award winning photo by Jeff Share is the background. That’s the best part. Then, of course, we need the title, which entails not only choosing the words, but the size and color and font of the title – not to mention the technology to orchestrate all that.

Recently I was thinking of the titles and lyrics of Great Peace March songs. One of my favorites was “Walking for Our Lives,” based on Holly Near’s “Singing for Our Lives.” The more I thought of what that song said, how well it described those of us who walked so many miles to make our statement about global nuclear disarmament, the better I liked it. With Holly Near’s permission, we now have the title. Derek Love, my grandson and a graphic artist, suggested we let the photo tell its story and that the text be “simple and elegant.” (more…)

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