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Recognizing Days of Sadness With a Movement Toward Peace

Nine-eleven. December 7, 1941. Dates burned into our consciousness. Attacks on OUR homes, in OUR streets. We remember the  shock. And the wars that followed, the young warriors and innocent civilians who died, and we commemorate the dates.

Another date that should be equally remembered and recognized: September 21, International Day of Peace. A day dreamed by one young man, Jeremy Giles, of cease fire on the war-front and non-violence on the home-front. Now a United Nations designated day of peace.  How shall we honor September 21st?

I’ll be in Mendocino with my tent mate from the Great Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament and she will be with me, at the Gallery Bookstore, as  I read from my book about that 1986 historic walk from LA to NYC to DC.

What will YOU do to on the upcoming Day of Peace?

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