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Bookshop Santa Cruz: Let Me Tell You a Story…

Don’t you love it when dreams come true! One of mine did a couple weeks ago when I spoke at Bookshop Santa Cruz, our local (successful!) independent book store. I had wanted to speak there since last fall,when I spoke at Capitola Book Café. Many friends came to that presentation, just after Walking for our Lives was released in September and the book club members had occupied the entire front row. I had wandered among the gathering, happily greeting friends as I would have for a party in my home.  They listened attentively, faces bright, nodding occasionally, and clapping enthusiastically.

So, when I was to speak at Bookshop Santa Cruz, I didn’t send email announcements to friends. But one friend said to me: “I didn’t get an announcement about your gig at Bookshop Santa Cruz!” (more…)

Dreams Realized and Holiday Wishes For You!

For several months I have wished that Walking for Our Lives might be the subject of a feature story, several columns in a weekly paper.  And then, through a series of introductions, a lovely young freelance writer wrote the feature story that I had been dreaming of. A page and a half plus a photo of the book!

In the evening of the same day, I presented at the Capitola Book Café. I arrived 20 minutes early with my publisher and friend, Patricia, to be  greeted at the door with, “Where are the books? People are here asking for them!” We walked into a group anxious for me to start my presentation and reading. (more…)

This Month at Capitola Book Cafe

The Capitola Book Cafe, an independent bookstore that has been operating in Capitola, California since 1980, features a handful of events each month that feature up and coming authors. And this month, I’ve been invited to be featured in one of these events! Anyone in the Bay Area/Santa Cruz area is welcome to come!!

Thursday, November 17 – 7:30pmWalking for Our Lives
Walking for Our Lives (Park Place)

When Donna was 58 she began walking 5000 miles for peace. Walking for Our Lives is her memoir that illuminates her passion as a peacemaker and how her involvement in the Great Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament and two other peace marches in the US and Soviet Union changed her life and the lives of others. Donna leads workshops on memory writing and has published three books in the four years since she has turned 80. Her mantra remains “anything in life is possible; one person can make a difference.”

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