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Bridging the Years

Fifty-nine years ago, my then-husband and I were playing bridge with our friends Jane and Mike Shaw. Both Jane and I were pregnant – very pregnant. Jim and I had adopted Matt about eight months ago and he was asleep in his basket. In answer to our prayers to become parents, God had said, “You want children? Here – have two!”

As the evening of bridge progressed, I felt early labor pains, which made it hard to concentrate on the cards in my hand. I think I trumped my partner’s ace. At the stroke of midnight, so we’d get a full day of hospital service, Jane and Mike took Matt home with them and Jim took me to Mills Hospital in San Mateo.  Eventually, at eight o’clock in the morning of Tuesday, May 4, Samuel Dare Love, named for his great grandfather, emerged into this life. A nurse asked what we’d name him. When I said, “Sam,” she scoffed and declared, “He’s much too pretty to be called Sam. You should name him Philip.”

Jim said: “You can name your son Philip. Ours is Sam.”

About ten years ago Sam’s cousin had a son they named Sam. I told her, “I’ve never met a Sam I didn’t like.” (more…)

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