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Northwest Book Tour: A Tally

Now that my publicist, Sarah, is back from a successful business trip to Dublin, and I am back from the “lets-do-it-again!” Northwest book tour, I can post the tallies for the month of May. The tour was an experiment, and I wanted to see if it would work. Would Patricia the publisher and I get along? We did. Would we sell books? We did! (more…)

A Break For the Beach

Just like people with real jobs, Patricia and I took time off  from our Northwest Book Tour presentations for a few days to go to the beach. Up the Willamette Valley from Eugene to Salem, we turned west and wandered through the Coast Range out to Tillamook, where we sampled cheeses at the Tillamook Cheese Factory (medium sharp is the best!) and at Blue Heron French Cheese Company. Both places have many, many jars of jams, spreads, dips, and butters which we sampled with little pretzel sticks. Topped off with an ice cream cone, our lunch was totally unbalanced, but Patricia shouted, “Hey! We’re on vacation!” (more…)

Book Tour Photos

The book tour is chugging along nicely. So far, I’ve done two presentations in Eugene and today I’ll do one more. And already I’ve been asked to come back in September for some more book signings and talks!

Here are some picture so you can see where I’ve been. (more…)

Even Before We Started

Patricia Hamilton drove up from Pacific Grove to my house earlier this week, and even before we started on our Northwest Book Tour, we celebrated by walking the mile to Capitola Book Café where Terry Tempest Williams was to read from her newest book, When Women Were Birds.

I met Terry Tempest Williams in 1986 when the Great Peace March was in St George, Utah. She came out to our campsite to encourage us and subsequently wrote a lovely description of us marchers for the Salt Lake City Deseret News. On page 69 of Walking for Our Lives, I quoted that article. (more…)

On the Road – Again!

The Northwest Book Tour is upon us! Next Tuesday, May 8, my publisher/friend Patricia Hamilton and I will pack up the Ford and head north. We have the itinerary with our events in place so if you are in Portland, Bainbridge, Deadwood, or Florence when we are, I’d love to see you! (more…)

Arranging Things: My Book Tour and My Personality

Occasionally, a small bright insight illuminates our lives and helps to make sense of what is happening. That happened to me last week as I was juggling dates for the Northwest Book Tour I’m planning for May. To sort the dates was, for a while, like eating noodles with chopsticks. Just as I set one date, the rest slipped and needed to be picked up again. Now, I’ve just confirmed one appearance on May 10 in Eugene with my former daughter-in-law and forever-friend, Jane. (more…)

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