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What To Do When the Tech World is Just Too Much

Today, little children who are learning to walk already know how to press a key on a computer and see the results on a screen. I am awestruck at their intelligence. I am almost 85 and haven’t learned what they know. Oh, I can write a book in Microsoft Word. I can make a file folder. I can edit an essay in red pen. But iPhoto? Not even close. Transfer a “high res” photo from paper to the scanner to the desktop to an email? No way. I can write a blog, but not post it. I can write a comment on Facebook, but am not sure where it goes.

Another tech challenged grandmother!



Around the World in Just One Blog Post?

I recently took a look at the reach of this little blog – a map denoting countries where someone has read my blog in the past six months. It was almost the entire world! Totally amazing! I had no idea! I’ve thought that maybe a few relatives, friends and neighbors read my posts. Now I see that people I don’t even know read them!

I wish I had some indication: maybe if you click the thumbs up-like button, I would know how many have read a posting. Even better would be a comment…. It need not be long, just a hello and where you are from.

I’ll start – I’m Donna Love and I live on the coast of central California, USA! How about you?

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