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Twenty Six Years and We’re Still Protesting Nuclear Weaponry

This is an excerpt from my newest book, Walking for Our Lives. In 1986, The Great Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament, trooped out of Los Angeles on our way to Washington, DC. It was a nine-month, grass roots saga. Heroic in many ways. These paragraphs are from Chapter 9. We are in Las Vegas.

By now, I loved to walk through a town, raise my hand with the peace sign and shout, “Good Morning to you! Peace!” In Las Vegas, on April 12, 435 of us buoyantly paraded down the Las Vegas strip and I thought about the many times in my life when I had stood on the curb, so to speak, and watched life flow by. I thought I was, by nature, not a strong leader, but an enthusiastic follower. I didn’t carry the flags at the front of The March, but remembered my son Sam’s advice – “Stay in the middle of the pack, Mom. It’s safer there.” (more…)

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