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Hello From Mexico!

From deep in the sun-washed South East corner of Sonora, Mexico, I finally sit down to write a blog for the first time in weeks!

In the small, historic pueblo of Alamos, last week, all week long, tourists from Mexico and abroad, local Mexicans and gringos listened to 400 musicians from all over the world. A Mexican clarinet quintet; a piano, viola, violin trio from Russia, a Polish pianist who played Chopin’s Polonesa op 53 with such vigor, his glasses bounced on is nose. Vietnamese opera soprano Sumi Jo, charmed the audience when she flirted with the conductor. Various rock bands played out on the edge of town near the cemetery. Puerto Rican salsa music had dancers in the street. In the church and the palacio and the streets and even in a stone alley with excellent acoustics, music poured over Alamos from every direction.


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