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The Summer of 2011

Earlier this month, The Great Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament held its 25th reunion at Emma Woods State Park in Ventura, California. When I arrived, about a dozen other marchers were already there, including my friends Ann and Dick.

When the three of us arrived at dinner, it felt as though 25 years had been erased. All 150 people in line were almost the same as they had been – the same quiet, happy faces, same consideration and grace, no clutching attitude about “my place” in line.There was, however, a lot of searching for names, and some salt and pepper in the hair of those who were 20-somethings on The March. Many brought their spouses and children. Their children were bright, serene, confident, and talented. As I talked with one, I asked her age and she held up four fingers. I told her, “Can you believe that I am almost 80 years older than you are? Isn’t it amazing that someone that old can still walk and talk?” Her eyes were big and so was her smile as she exclaimed. “You belong in the Guinness Book of Records!” We shared a delightful laugh. (more…)

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