Life in a Senior Residence Community is challenging and cherished.

About Me

Since turning 80, I have written and published three books of stories based on my rich and varied life. Raising four sons. Remodeling houses in Mexico. Running a tutoring center for dyslexic students. Walking across America in the Great Peace March for Nuclear Disarmament.

I continue to write blogs. To people who are intimidated by writing their lives, I say, “Write your lives one tale at a time. Remember, you don’t have to start at the beginning!”

Contact me for more information about my books and my journey to becoming a memoir author.

Comments on: "About Me" (7)

  1. Gran I am so glad that you have this up, it is a perfect way to keep us all involved

  2. It warms my heart to read that you wrote and published two books since turning 80. A family friend, who was so supportive of my work, didn’t have the courage to follow her own dreams. She thought she was too old. We are never too old. What an inspiration you are!

  3. Lee Merkle-Raymond said:

    Glad you are posting again after settling in to Friends House! I look forward to future posts.


  4. Louise McPherson said:

    Can’t wait for a May post. Get busy, little missy

  5. Cher Roblin said:

    Hi Donna – As always wonderful to hear from you. I have a friend that has cancer too. I think you would be a “Light” in her world. You certainly are for me.

  6. donna I got your very nicely written.
    I will catch up with you soon. since falling down and dislocating my right shoulder I have to give up pingpong.-.
    I am going to start voice train MY COMPUTER.
    WILL let you know the good happening
    I am the base ukulele player tell the guys that I can base quite well and I can almost hold the ukulele ….my hobbies used to be t.g.i.f will tell you what that stand for.
    glad N excited to hook up with yu gaagain

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