Life in a Senior Residence Community is challenging and cherished.

Service with Several Smiles

People ask me why I like Spring Lake Village, the senior community where I’ve lived for six months now. I have several answers. I like the stability of the administration. I am grateful for the extensive medical services available. I like the food and I am tickled by the consideration and respect that members of the staff exhibit. For the 400 of us residents there are 275 employees and all seem dedicated to giving good service.

I’ll show you an example. It happened today at lunch time.

Six of us women were seated at a round table in the Bistro. Our waitress took our orders. I asked for a bowl of fresh fruit and a 10-inch margarita  pizza.

Nina’s veggie-burger arrived. Joyce’s soup came. Bev’s huge chicken sandwich looked daunting. Selma’s Caesar Salad had whole anchovies! My strawberries, cantaloupe, and melon appeared. No pizza.

After a while, I asked the waitress, “Should I expect the pizza soon?” She disappeared, and returned to apologize for the delay, explained that the first pizza had been burned and a second one was being prepared. She smiled and vanished. The chef came to our table and explained that the fire “got pretty hot,” apologized and with the bright smile of a good idea, he asked, “Would you like some french fries or Bistro Chips?” I love the chips so accepted. They came, warm, fragrant, spicy and we all enjoyed them.

Then the waitress re-appeared and placed a slice of cheese cake in front of me. “Here, This is for you. I am so sorry that you are having to wait.” She cleared away some of the others’ dishes.

Finally the pizza came. Fresh and tempting. I ate one piece, asked for a box, “and a box for the pie, too, please.” Bev said, “Here, Donna, take home the rest of these chips. I know what you’ll be having for dinner tonight.”

We stood up to leave. The chef waived , smiled and nodded. The waitress stepped back out of our way and said, “Good bye, Ms Love. Thank you.”

I almost hugged her. “Thank YOU. See you tomorrow.”


Comments on: "Service with Several Smiles" (4)

  1. sweet Donna, your comments show such love of the world. Thank you for making me smile with appreciation.

  2. How lovely. thanks for sharing that slice of life….er pizza! love Karuna

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