Life in a Senior Residence Community is challenging and cherished.

Patricia Hamilton drove up from Pacific Grove to my house earlier this week, and even before we started on our Northwest Book Tour, we celebrated by walking the mile to Capitola Book Café where Terry Tempest Williams was to read from her newest book, When Women Were Birds.

I met Terry Tempest Williams in 1986 when the Great Peace March was in St George, Utah. She came out to our campsite to encourage us and subsequently wrote a lovely description of us marchers for the Salt Lake City Deseret News. On page 69 of Walking for Our Lives, I quoted that article.

I was eager to thank her and to give her a copy of my book.  When it was my turn  to speak with her, I said, “I was on the Great Peace March and  came this evening to see you again and to thank you for the article you wrote about us. I’ve brought you a copy of my book about my experiences while walking.”

She leaped up and gave me a big hug and said, “This means so much to me. I can’t tell you! Do you remember Ginny? She passed, you know.” I knew. “And Shelley?” Yes.

She signed her book for me and gave me a pen so I could sign the one I was giving her.

I was like a kid awed by a movie star! She has written 14 books! She is a poet in prose. Terry Tempest Williams is a gentle warrior, using her pen to inform and alert us about our natural heritage, our connection with all things living and why women’s voices need to be heard. Those who know me remember that I practically shout, “When you write your stories, you will be heard!” Hearing her statements validated my pronouncements.

I hope that on this book tour of western Oregon and Washington, I can convince people, especially women, to write their stories and to be heard. (Of course, I’d like to sell books, too!)  Patricia and I have brought 70 copies of Walking for Our Lives and a dozen or so of the other two books, Tell Me a Story and To Make the House Complete. Will we have enough? Too many? My goal is to sell them all.

Here we are in Mt Shasta on our first day.  I’ve sold one book; to the owner of this B&B. One down, 69 to go.

Comments on: "Even Before We Started" (2)

  1. Good luck Gran, hope you don’t have too many left when you end up here, but if you do, we can always set up a stand at graduation.

  2. Sounds like a good start! Happy trails!

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