Life in a Senior Residence Community is challenging and cherished.

Last month while I was in Alamos, Sonora, Mexico, five expat women friends and I had lunch and planned a project that we now call “The Fabulous Women of Alamos.” We hadn’t planned to plan anything, but as we chatted, Patricia, the newest among us, said, “You know, the women of Alamos are really fabulous. I bet they have great stories to tell.”

We sat at Terisita’s black and white tiled French Bistro, enjoying our grown-in-the-backyard greens, and talking about our friends, the fabulous women of Alamos. Bernadette, a painter and photographer, said, “I should take photos of all the women and we can have an exhibit!”

I said, “Yes, let’s do that and ask each woman to write a short summary of herself and her experiences in Alamos.”

Joan, our demographics expert, said, “Yes! I’ve wanted to know about the expertise and talents we have here.”

Betsy, probably president of every club she joins, offered, “We could get videos of the women reading their work. That way viewers won’t have to stand there and read the stories. They can listen.”

“And,” I added, “that will give some motion, action and sound to the exhibit.”

Patricia, who is my publisher, said, “And I’ll publish a book. It will be an anthology of all the stories and we can have a book launch at the exhibit. Let’s have it February 14, a valentine to Alamos!”

We were so excited, we almost forgot to have dessert.

Via Alamos News, an e-bulletin board, we have invited the gringas to write their stories in less than 750 words. Boy am I excited to see what we all come up with!

What do YOU think?

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